The essence of positive agents 100% organic

>> So that green hearts blossom.

Lucky Plant plant strengthening at a glance

  • Natural plant extract, 100 % organic
  • Promotes healthy root growth and nutrient uptake
  • highly active ingredient complex
  • Strengthens weakened and stressed plants
  • Suitable for all ornamental plants, lawns, fruit and vegetables in the home and garden
  • Bee friendly

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Whats Lucky Plant?

Defenses for a strong plant life

Like humans, our plants need a helping hand to stay healthy and grow vigorously. To support plant growth, there is now the plant strengthening agent Lucky Plant. Lucky Plant helps the plant to stay healthy under stress. Stress can be heat, dryness, too much or too little light and too much or too little fertilizer. This is where Lucky Plant helps, as it is used to prepare the plant for such situations.

The plant strengthener Lucky Plant is used as a powder or effervescent tablet. The effervescent tablet is particularly suitable for indoor plants and flower boxes and is often used on or indoors. The tablet is also ideal for use on balconies and terraces. Depending on the application, Lucky Plant is applied as a powder in doses, either in the watering can or with the Aquamix and garden hose.

100% ecological
very productive
proven effect

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