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The founders of the Lucky Plant GmbH

The CEOs of Lucky Plant GmbH are Dr. Thomas Hster and Christian Wei. Just as the Lucky Plant Team stands for the healthy growth and healthy life of plants, Thomas and Christian also run the entire Agraforum Group. Together with their customers, partners and suppliers, they see themselves as one big family, as friends who pursue a common goal: to make the life of plants more beautiful with a natural product from professional research. As founders, Thomas and Christian are joined by other people committed to a better (plant) world, including financial expert Natacha Tannous.

Dr. Thomas Hster

Thomas has invested more than 25 years of research work for Agraforum and Lucky Plant. In addition to his managing activities at Agraforum and Lucky Plant, the doctor of agricultural sciences also holds a visiting professorship at West Anhui University in China.

Christian Wei

Christian has a degree in business administration and before joining Agraforum / Lucky Plant he worked as branch manager for Dresdner Bank and the Tostedt based pipeline construction company Friedrich Vorwerk. For many years now, he and Thomas have been ensuring healthy growth in the Agraforum Group, both economically and in terms of plants.

Natacha Tannous

As a financial expert Natacha has worked for Goldmann Sachs, Deutsche Bank and HSBC and has more than 10 years of experience in the financial world. Natacha studied "Quantitative Finance" and graduated with an MBA from the Stern School of Management at New York University.

The Lucky Plant Team

Jrgen, Karsten and Luca work in our production. Here they take care of the production, filling and packaging of the products as well as the shipping. So when you receive your order, you can be sure that one of the three will have taken care of it with pleasure. Our master gardeners Anja Grabhorn and Johannes Schchen take care of the professional plant know-how. Anja has many years of experience in plant breeding and propagation as well as the sale of green products. Johannes worked in horticulture, tree care and professional lawn care for many years and therefore has a lot of experience in these areas. The team is completed by Henning Slotta, who supports Lucky Plant in online marketing.
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