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Aquamix– Perfect mixer for plant strengthening agents & fertilizer

The Aquamix is a fertiliser mixing device in a class of its own. Easy to operate, safe to use and therefore absolutely reliable. Optimal for liquid fertilizers, plant strengthening agents and microorganisms.

Easy to use

The application of the Aquamix is very simple. The concentrated fertilizer or plant strengthening agent is added to the mixing container. If it is a powder or concentrate, water is added accordingly. After the mixing tank is screwed back on, the desired concentration can be adjusted by simply turning the shower head. Four levels can be selected (0.2, 0.5, 1.0 and 2.0 %). Then simply connect the Aquamix to the hose. After application, the Aquamix should always be cleaned.

Safe mixing in the Aquamix

The special technology makes exact mixing possible and is manufactured with 'Swiss' precision by Birchmeier. Most commercially available liquid fertilizers and strengthening agents are suitable for application with the fertilizer mixer and can be spread evenly.

Reliable technology

The technology is very well thought out and works absolutely reliable. With a desired dilution of 1%, the system also feeds 100 litres of water to the liquid in the tank, even if only 1 litre is used. The handle can be swivelled and thus facilitates work. When the shower is in neutral position, about 14 litres of water per minute flow through the nozzle. The mixing tank has a volume of 1.25 litres. Lucky Plant has specially prepared portion bags (125 g) so that the plant strengthener does not need to be weighed out separately.

The Aquamix filled with 1.25 liters of concentrate is sufficient for
0.2 % = approx. 625 litres watering water | 0.5 % = approx. 250 litres watering water
1.0 % = approx. 125 litres watering water | 2.0 % = approx. 62,5 litres watering water

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1:
Screw on the mixing unit.
Step 2:
Pour in 125 g Lucky Plant, or other plant strengthening agent or fertilizer.
Step 3:
Pour clean water into the mixing tank. Maximum 1.25 litres, observe the marking lines.
Step 4:
Screw the shower back on the mixing tank and shake vigorously until everything is dissolved in the water. The desired concentration (0.2, 0.5, 1.0 or 2.0 %) can be adjusted by turning the shower head at the front.
Step 5:
Connect the hose to the Aquamix using the coupling.
Step 6:
Turn on the water. The tank contents are automatically added to the water in the selected concentration.

Our Aquamix offers

Lucky Plant Aquamix Set

Lucky Plant Aquamix Set

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Lucky Plant Aquamix

Lucky Plant Aquamix

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Lucky Plant Aquamix economy pack

Lucky Plant Aquamix economy pack

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