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The founders of Lucky Plant from left to right: Christian, Natacha and Thomas

Dr. Thomas Hüster

Thomas has invested more than 25 years of research for AgraForUm and Lucky Plant. In addition to his executive activities at AgraForUm and Lucky Plant, the agricultural scientist holds a visiting professorship at West Anhui University in China.

Christian Weiss

Christian holds a diploma in business administration and before joining AgraForUm / Lucky Plant he worked as branch manager for Dresdner Bank and the Tostedt pipeline construction company Friedrich Vorwerk. For many years now he has been working with Thomas in the AgraFoUm Group to ensure healthy growth, both economically and plant-based.

Natacha Tannous

Natacha has already worked as a financial expert for Goldmann Sachs, Deutsche Bank and HSBC. The resulting proposal from Warren Buffet was only fun, but expresses her admiration for her work.

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