The essence of positive agents 100% organic

Cover left: Rose with Lucky Plant, right: without Lucky Plant; flower above with Lucky Plant, flower below without Lucky Plant.

The energy kick for your plants

Lucky Plant products are based on an extract from wild plants specially cultivated in Germany. Their effect has been investigated and confirmed by years of research. The plant strengthening agent was developed for general health maintenance, regeneration and strengthening of plants. It is used for all house and garden plants. Vegetables, fruit trees and shrubs as well as lawns also enjoy the natural strengthening.

Fewer plant failures

Lucky Plant improves the natural and plant defence mechanisms against stress factors in all domestic and garden plants. This ensures a constant and optimal growth of the plants. Lucky Plant contains natural secondary plant compounds known for their role in promoting healthy root and plant growth of seedlings and adult plants. Through synergetic effects with the plant's own substances, healthy plant growth is promoted, especially under stress conditions.

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Lucky Plant at a glance

  • 100 % biological and natural plant extract
  • Highly active ingredient complex
  • Improves the physiological processes inside the plant
  • Strengthens stressed and weakened plants
  • Promotes healthy root growth and nutrient uptake
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for all ornamental plants, lawns, as well as fruit and vegetables in house and garden
  • Also bee-friendly and well tolerated by pets and children

Harries Plantdesign, Edewecht

100% ecological
very productive
proven effect

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