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Here you will learn everything about the correct use of Lucky Plant. Whether on dosage, frequency of use or correct application: the most important answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Should I use Lucky Plant as an effervescent or powder?

You like it easy and fast? You "only" want to strengthen your houseplants or your green on the balcony? Then the effervescent tablet is probably right for you. It is simply put into the watering can and dissolved there. If you have larger planting areas, vegetable beds, fruit trees, lawns or many flower pots, the powder is more suitable for you. If you want to give away something other than chocolates, you now have a choice: Lucky Plant in a design tin! A green, lasting gift with character.

How often should I use Lucky Plant?

For best results, you should strengthen your plants every 4 weeks during the growing season. Vegetation period means that the plants grow and cell division takes place. This is the case with a value of over 5 Celsius. If it is colder, most plants stop growing. So for indoor plants it is always the vegetation period, for outdoor plants it is between spring and autumn. If you have sown vegetables or grass, you should already use Lucky Plant when watering. Research has shown that this significantly accelerates plant growth. It doesn't matter whether you strengthen your plants with the powder or the effervescent tablet, the recommended frequency of use remains the same.

Simple and innovative: the Lucky Plant effervescent tablet

It has never been so easy: from now on you can also strengthen your plants with the Lucky Plant effervescent tablet. The effervescent tablet is simply placed in the watering can. Just like other effervescent tablets, you should wait until it has finished bubbling before pouring. One tablet is enough for 5 litres of water for green plants. For vegetables and fruit, we recommend taking 2 effervescent tablets for 5 litres of water. If you have a smaller watering can, just break through the effervescent tablet to fit.

The original: Water soluble powder for plant strengthening

Our plant stengthener is also available as powder. Used correctly, it acts like an energy drink on plants. If you order our powder in the 125g pack or design can, a Lucky Plant measuring spoon is included for proper use. For a 10 litre watering can you should use a measuring spoon for green plants. For fruit and vegetables we recommend twice the amount: 2 measuring spoons for 10 litres of water.

For large areas: The right application with the Aquamix

Applying Lucky Plant correctly on large surfaces is easy: with the Aquamix from Lucky Plant. The Aquamix is a dosing system for the garden hose. Lucky Plant is premixed in highly concentrated form in the tank and then added evenly to the watering water. We have specially developed the 125g pack for use in the Aquamix. This fits exactly for a full tank mix, as the mixing container has a 1.25 l volume. We have compiled a detailed description for you here. In principle we recommend the application of a 1.0 % mixture for green plants, this can be adjusted at the spray head. For fruit and vegetables you should choose the 2.0 % mixing ratio.

Overview: the right application of Lucky Plant

  • Application recommended every 4 weeks during the vegetation phase.
  • Simply add to the watering water
  • For green plants and lawns (room, balcony, trees, garden etc.)
    • 1 effervescent tablet for 5 litres of water or
    • 1 measuring spoon for 10 litres of water or
    • 1.0 % Mixing ratio at Aquamix
  • For fruit, vegetables and herbs
    • 2 effervescent tablets to 5 litres of water or
    • 2 measuring spoons for 10 litres of water or
    • 2.0 % Mixing ratio at Aquamix
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