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Whether ginger, lemon or broccoli: everyone knows that a conscious diet helps us to strengthen our immune system. So we can stay healthy, lively and enjoy life. The fact that our plants can also be stressed and therefore require strong defence mechanisms is probably new to most people. Below you'll learn how you can help your plants grow healthier with our Lucky Plant plant strengthener.

Defenses for a healthy plant life

Like humans, our plants need a helping hand to stay healthy and grow vigorously. The plant strengthening agent Lucky Plant is now available to support plant growth. Lucky Plant helps the plant to stay healthy during stress. Stress can be heat, dryness, too much or too little light and too much or too little fertilizer. This is where Lucky Plant helps, as it is used to prepare the plant for such situations.

The Ingredients of Lucky Plant

Already hundreds of years ago the monks discovered the interactions of different plants in the monasteries. The monks recognised that certain plants, such as the pitch-carnice, also had a positive effect on neighbouring plants. We used this knowledge in the development of our plant strengthening agent Lucky Plant. We have researched for many years to find out how these interactions work and we have succeeded. After many successful years of use in agriculture, we have now developed Lucky Plant for the home and garden. We extract the necessary substances from the Pechnelke and Lupine family and thus obtain an absolutely natural and organic product.

The Effect of Lucky Plant

The mechanism of action of Lucky Plant is widely researched and patented. The plant strengthening agent simply gets into the plant via the watering water. The active substances dissolved in the water are absorbed by the plant and improve many metabolic processes. This strengthens the plant's own defences and thus defies external environmental influences. This helps it to grow better, look healthier and produce better flowers and fruit.

The use of Lucky Plant

The plant strengthening agent Lucky Plant is used as a powder or effervescent tablet. The effervescent tablet is particularly suitable for indoor plants and flower boxes and is often used on or in the house. The tablet is also ideal for use on balconies and terraces. Depending on the application, Lucky Plant is applied as a powder in doses, either in the watering can or with the Aquamix and garden hose. For use in the garden with the Aquamix, we have specially prefabricated sachets.

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