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Pflanzensegen 3 kg - veganer Bio Universaldnger

EAN: 0742832685535

Vegan NPK universal fertilizer 3-1-2 (+1) on biological basis.

Pflanzensegen at a glance:

  • vegan organic fertilizer
  • approved for organic farming
  • Universal use in outdoor areas
  • contains fermented organic cereals, humic acids, rock flour and ceramic powder
  • without slaughterhouse waste, animal by-products or chemical additives

Content:3 kg " Pflanzensegen " universal fertilizer

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Your vegan organic fertilizer "Pflanzensegen"

Pflanzensegen is your vegan organic fertilizer for universal outdoor use. Whether on the balcony, the terrace or in the vegetable patch. Pflanzensegen supplies your plants with nitrogen, phosphate, potassium and pure humic acids. This organic fertilizer does without slaughter waste or animal by-products and does not require any additional chemicals. Pflanzensegen is suitable for organic farming and even meets the strict Demeter standards. The fertiliser has been used for many years for the organic cultivation of ornamental plants, fruit and vegetables.

Application: vegan organic fertilizer "Pflanzensegen"

Pflanzensegen is produced by lactic acid fermentation. It is excellently suited as a universal fertilizer for outdoor use. The organic fertilizer is also useful as a component of plant substrates or as a compost starter. As a compost tea you can use Pflanzensegen immediately. More than 85 % of the nitrogen is present in organic binding. This becomes available to the plant only through microbial decomposition. So nothing is washed out and is released from the plants without loss. This also protects the groundwater.

How do I use the organic fertilizer with existing plants?

If your plants already have a fixed location, the organic fertilizer provides the annual nutrient supply. Depending on the crop, the appropriate amount of Pflanzensegen is applied (see the table for the amounts). Afterwards, you should work the fertilizer slightly into the soil and keep it moist.

Production of vegan plant soil with plant soil

Before re-potting or planting your plants, you can upgrade your plant soil with the universal fertilizer. Simply mix Pflanzensegen into your flower/plant soil. Ratio 1:20 (Pflanzensegen:plant soil). You should leave this substrate for three days. Then the pH will stabilize before you plant your green favourites.

Other use of Pflanzensegen

As a vegan organic fertilizer you can use Pflanzensegen as a compost starter and Bokashi ferment. Pflanzensegen can also be used immediately as compost tea. Simply add 50 g to 10 litres of water and stir for five minutes. Afterwards the compost tea is ready for use.

Shipping weight: 3,20 Kg
Product weight: 3,00 Kg
Contents: 3.000,00 g
Dimensions ( length width height ): 50,00 10,00 30,00 cm
Application area:

NPK(Mg) fertilizer, 3-1-2(+1)
in organic quality

  • 2,82 % N Nitrogen, total
    0,52 % Ammonium nitrogen
  • 0,87 % P2O5 Phosphate, total
  • 1,8 % K2O Potassium oxide
  • 0,82 % MgO Magnesium
  • 50 % organic substance
Suitability for organic farming: Yes, listed at FiBL
Application rate / area efficiency (turf): Perennials and flowering plants: 50-100 g/m
Roses: 150 g/m
Rhododendron: 200 g/m
Fruit & hedges: 75-150 g/m
Vegetables: 100-200 g/m
Tomatoes: 200 g/m
Turf: 100-200 g/m

100 g Pflanzensegencorrespond to approx. 200 ml.
Type of application: As fertilizer, in plant substrates, compost starter, compost tea and Bokashi ferment.
Note: Close the bag tightly after opening. Store dry and frost-free.

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