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You have the Lucky Plant Aquamix and want to water while fertilizing and strengthening at the same time? We've written you a little manual here.

step-by-step instructions

  1. Unscrew mixing unit
  2. Fill 125g Lucky Plant, you'll find finished sachets in the shop
  3. Fill with 1.25 litres of water
  4. Screw on mixing unit again
  5. Shake mixing container vigorously
  6. Set the desired concentration by turning the knob.
  7. Connect garden hose to click connection
  8. Turn on water tap
  9. Let's go, let's go!

The integrated dosing system automatically and precisely adds Lucky Plant to the watering water in the selected mixing ratio. It is also possible to apply liquid fertilizer with the Aquamix. Most fertilizers can be applied together with Lucky Plant. The Aquamix filled with 1.25 litre concentrate is sufficient depending on the adjusted concentration for:

  • 0.2 % ⇒ approx. 625 litres Watering water
  • 0.5 % ⇒ approx. 250 litres Watering water
  • 1.0 % ⇒ approx. 125 litres Watering water
  • 2.0 % ⇒ approx. 62.5 litres Watering water

Recommended concentration ranges

We recommend to adjust the following concentration when watering:

⇒ 1.0 % for lawns and green plants (e.g. ornamental shrubs, trees, roses, perennials, ground cover plants, etc.)

⇒ 2.0 % for fruit and vegetables

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very productive
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