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Does the plant strengthening agent replace a fertilizer?

No. A plant strengthening agent / biostimulant does not replace a fertilizer but supplements it. With Lucky Plant nutrients are absorbed much better and distributed evenly throughout the plant. The effect of the fertilizer is optimized accordingly, not replaced.
Is there already experience with Lucky Plant?

Yes, for many years the plant strengthening agent has been used worldwide in agriculture, horticulture and professional lawn care. In agricultural countries like China, South Africa or Vietnam the biological biostimulant has already reached a high market share.
Where is the plant strengthening agent Lucky Plant produced?

Lucky Plant is a product that is completely manufactured in Germany. The plants for our special extracts are grown and harvested by local farmers. The location of Lucky Plant GmbH is Walsrode in Lower Saxony, Germany. Here the specially cultivated wild herbs are processed, filled, packed and shipped.
Is the plant strengthening agent harmful to humans, animals and the environment?

No. The plant extracts are 100% organic and safe. Of course Lucky Plant is not suitable for consumption. There is a warning sign on the effervescent tablets, as the additives necessary for effervescence can be irritating if they come into contact with the mucous membranes.
For which plants is Lucky Plant, the plant strengthening agent, suitable?

By stimulating the plant's own cell processes, stress resistance is increased, regardless of the culture. Therefore Lucky Plant is suitable for all green plants indoors and outdoors, whether ornamental plants, lawn, bedding and balcony plants, shrubs, trees, fruit or vegetables.
How do I apply the plant strengthening agent?

You can simply use Lucky Plant in the watering can, spray it on the leaves with a hand sprayer or spread it over a large area in the garden with the Aquamix. You can find a detailed article about the use of the Aquamix here.
What does the plant strengthening agent Lucky Plant do?

A report about the effect of Lucky Plant can be found here.
What does the biostimulant Lucky Plant consist of?

The effect of Lucky Plant is based on a secret recipe of different plant extracts. We obtain our extracts from Lupinus and species of Silene to which special, plant-stimulating powers have long been attributed.
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