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Lucky Plant is the result of years of research. Everything about the development of Lucky Plant and why it came to this you can learn in this text.

Plants make our lives richer

What would our world be without plants? Through photosynthesis, plants created the atmosphere in which we humans could develop in the first place. They still provide food and pleasure, provide active ingredients for medicines and are now also an important source of energy. And sometimes it is simply their natural splendour that makes us feel good, inspires us and makes our lives more colourful.

Like all living things on this earth, plants are part of their environment. Plants grow, reproduce, settle and continue to reproduce. Plants react to stimuli, can also move without muscles and build up substances that feed themselves and others. And leading botanists have long agreed that plants have similar sensory perceptions to human beings. Feel, taste, smell - plants are living beings.

By nature, plants enjoy an undreamt-of diversity. The different species thrive side by side and influence each other in a variety of ways. But what happens when we tear plants out of their familiar environment? When plants are cultivated and can only unfold after an overriding purpose? Plants get lonely.

Two people have intensively studied the effects of exchange between plants: Gudrun and Horst Polus. The trained chemist and passionate researcher discovered that species diversity is essential for a healthy plant life. But how could one ever bring all the cultivated plants of this world back into the natural environment of their accompanying flora?

The development of the essential elixir

In their search for solutions for species-appropriate growth conditions, the Polus couple discovered the hidden knowledge of the Benedictine monks. They had kept the secret of the Pechnelke behind monastery walls for centuries. Their seeds should be able to improve whole harvests in extracted form. But was it possible to believe these traditional wisdoms?

Years of research have shown that true miracle powers are indeed hidden in this wild plant. Correctly extracted, substances are produced that have a positive effect on bioactive processes. Treated plants develop into new splendour, increase their yield and prove to be much more resistant to stress factors. But how should other plant friends also benefit from these findings?

A team of biologists, agricultural engineers and other people convinced by the common idea set about making the research results available to plant pleasures all over the world. The current managing directors, Thomas and Christian, were already significantly involved in the development of Lucky Plant here. The result is Lucky Plant - an extracted complex of active ingredients that naturally enhances plants' physiological activities, increases their stress tolerance and increases crop yields. It also improves the absorption of important nutrients and thus strengthens the plant.

Lucky Plant - Easy to use. Strong in effect.

For lovers of ornamental plants or home-grown fruit and vegetables, Lucky Plant is available as a powder or effervescent tablet that can be easily mixed into the watering water. If Lucky Plant is used every four weeks, the condition of plants improves noticeably. Flowers and leaves become stronger, colours more intense and many fruit and vegetable varieties develop a particularly aromatic note. Quite naturally, without any impact on people or the environment. It's nice when something can be that simple.
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